Deals Security Deals

It’s important to keep in mind we’re visiting a Natural Reserve.

This is why there are certain guidelines we must follow to keep all of our passengers safe:

1. In order to protect the environment and minimize the risk of fire, the use of grills is not allowed.

2. Please wear closed-toe sports shoes if you wish to walk on the paths that have been laid out to explore the island.

3. Those who wish to walk down to the lighthouse must wear closed-toe shoes and plan to complete this walk during the morning hours. After midday, the temperature on the path can reach over 100ºF, which could cause fatigue and fainting spells.

4. SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT: The island does not have waste management service. All passengers must bring their own trash bags to clean up after themselves. Passengers may dispose of their trash bags once they return to La Guancha in Ponce.

5. Please observe all NO TRESPASSING signs: Some areas are closed to the public, most of which are reserved for wildlife nesting and habitation. These areas are off bounds.

6. NATURAL RESOURSES: Do not allow the use of glass bottles on the island Caja de Muerto.